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Our App is the primary technology that supports our ecosystem and will give everyone equal access to all of our investment packages. Thanks to its intuitive user interface, institutional grade back-end infrastructure and the expertise of our fintech team, anyone from traditional investors to absolute beginners can become a community member.

Our all-in-one wealth app will offer diversified and automatically re-balanced portfolios in just a few clicks. Even the busiest or least tech-savvy users will be able to access quality investment products with our wealth app.

The biggest obstacle to mass adoption is the complicated process of investing in a portfolio of crypto-assets. Tracking assets on multiple exchanges, owning multiple wallets with different private keys and managing it on a daily basis with technical order-books, graphs, and charts is daunting and time-consuming sometimes requiring a trading desk that runs 24/7.

Starting with the SB5, the top 5 crypto assets by market cap to the SB20 and SB30 we will offer a range of indexes and products allowing people to choose investment solutions based on their personal investment preferences.
Ultimately, all users will have access to fully customised portfolios with hybrid solutions combining utility and security tokens fully based on risk appetite and preferences.

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